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Woodland Hills CA

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I.T. Crisis Services ( ITC ) is a leading provider of total business resiliency solutions. We specialize in helping organizations prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of crises, including natural and man-made disasters and a wide variety of hazards ' in the U.S. and across the globe. ITC is built on a network of highly specialized and highly trained consultants who are experienced in a broad range of critical situations. Because of this, we provide the most comprehensive business resiliency services available on the market today. ITC assists organizations, both public and private, in the development of Enterprise Risk Management, Business Resiliency planning and Disaster Response support. Our consulting services focus on the preparation, planning, mitigation, and validation processes while our response support provides for on-site critical incident managers and human impact counseling teams, as well as emergency equipment acquisition and replacement services and insurance claims assistance. These are just a few of the examples of the many services we offer. ITC has responded to over 70 worldwide disasters that include both natural disaster and business interruptions. Our teams of professionals leverage their real world disaster response experience in assessing and developing Business Resiliency programs. This includes focusing on People, Information, Facilities, Technology, and Information centering on All Hazards . Our All Hazards approach to risk management and resiliency is one of integration. We believe that no matter the size of an organization, we employ a methodology built on the critical parts of a successful risk management plan ' one that incorporates Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Preparedness, Crisis Communications, Human Impact and Physical Security. Taking this approach one giant step further, we combine these essential principles with the experience of our consultants ' experts who specialize in enterprise risk and vulnerability assessments and business impact analysis, as well as solution strategy development, planning, testing and validation. When you consider our commitment to the core principles of risk management as well as our consultancy expertise, the result is end-to-end resiliency. We offer this knowledge to our clients to build a culture ' one that focuses on preparedness at all times and one that can be self-sustainable and maintainable over the long haul.