Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool

14098 Paterno Dr
Frisco TX 75035
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Ms. Vibha is THE BEST decision I made for both my kids. I had my daughter in a different day care before where she was cared for well but my daughter never enjoyed going there. Ms.Vibha has changed that, she LOVES going to daycare so much now that she was once upset about me not sending her to Ms.Vibha on a Saturday. She learns new things every day. Ms. Vibha has very unique and impressive ways of teaching kids. Ms.Vibha is also good at understanding the skills of the child and nurturing them.I always thought it is hard to make my son pay attention but to my surprise he listens and pays attention when Ms.Vibha is teaching. She is also a very lovable person that makes everything so much easier. I would recommend Bright Beginnings in Frisco, TX to anyone who is looking for a daycare or a preschool.
We are very happy we are sending our son to this daycare under the management of Bibha. He was a kid who has been always with his grand parents around and we were really worried how he would adapt to this transition when it was time for my wife to go back to work and grand parents had to leave. But Bibha's warm and welcoming approach and understanding the kid has come to our rescue as he adjusted right from day one in the daycare. Now, he looks forward every day to go to daycare more eagerly. We have been sending him for almost an year now without any issue. He has made some good friends in the daycare and also the activities keep him well occupied and helps him in learn things at a faster pace. The curriculum of each day is pretty good from educational to fun activities giving an overall development to the growing kids. Bibha is pretty professional and deals with kids with empathy. She keeps us posted regularly during the day with photos and videos giving us an insight to the activities our kids are doing. We like that transparency and feel we are connected with the kids, though at work. She does give good homemade food too which I am pretty sure my son enjoys eating, as I see from everyday videos.All said and done, the fact that the kids love her says everything about the daycare and the care taker.
When my husband and I first brought our son to Mrs.Vibha he was about 16 month's old. He has always been with his grand parents since he was born and we were really worried to send him to daycare. Immediately upon entering daycare, we were comforted by the looking at the welcoming environment. Feels just like home! Mrs.Vibha always receives kids with a charming smile helps any child for a very easy transition.The best things in the world aren't things, they're people like you. Thank you with all of my heart.You have showered him with hugs and cuddles since the day he arrived. Your attention to detail, creativity, suggestions to parents and play environment are beyond what we could have hoped for. Your loving and caring home is the reason I feel comfortable being back at work. The combination of your professional and parenting experience placed in your unique home/daycare setting are a magical mix. We are so happy that we were able to get Tanay in your program and keep him so close to our house. Daily activities are carried out each day. Ex. circle time includes story, nursery rhymes, music, and play time all day long. We especially enjoy that he is given a variety of developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including storytelling, singing, playing house, and multi-sensory fun. We LOVE that he has messy fun with paints, dough, and other materials at Child time. We appreciate the daily feedback we receive about our child during the day with photos and videos. Not but not least Mrs. Vibha provides fresh homemade food daily. She make sure that they complete their meal which gives us complete satisfaction.I would highly recommend Mrs.Vibha's Bright Beginning day care to anyone with no hesitation
As a parent we always want that our child is taken care of the very same way as we do when we send them to any daycare or preschool. With my first kid I had the best experience and I was trying to explore the same things for my 2nd child in the neighborhood day cares. Through one of my friend I came across Ms. Bibha daycare and I am so glad that I found her. My kid loves this place. My son wasn't saying much but 2 words to communicate. After he has started going to Ms. Bibha daycare, his vocabulary and speech picked up. He's speaking in complete sentences and expressing himself clearly. His recognition of alphabets and numbers are amazing. It’s been almost 6 months now since his first day at Bright Beginning. He loves doing crafts at his school and his already learning things so fast. He loves the way Ms. Bibha tell stories. When I am back from work he says all the things he has done in school and how he spent his day. I love the fact that he loves the school, and Mrs. Bibha who is his best friend! I'm really satisfied with the all different activities she makes him do. It’s really hard to find such love and care where parents can be carefree! Thank you Ms. Bibha.I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a daycare or a preschool.
Bright Beginning Daycare or Preschool or Afterschool Care is a licensed License #013421448 home daycare/ afterschool care located near Warwick Elementary School, at 34270 Whitehead Lane. Provider is a highly qualified teacher with a California child development permit as a master teacher and site supervisor. She holds a bachelor's degree of education, is fluent in English as well as Hindi, and has had 7 years of prior teaching experience in various excellent preschools of Fremont. The home is a clean, safe, and spacious environment for children and is well equipped for a preschool setting. Our goal is to nurture the children in a loving and caring environment while still making progress in their learning. We work towards the overall development of the children i.e. physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive development of an individual.We look forward to hearing from you!