Avon, CO


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Avon is a Home Rule Municipality that is the most populous town in Eagle County, Colorado, United States. The population was 5,561 at the 2000 census. Avon is the gateway to the Beaver Creek Resort which lies about two miles (3 km) south of the town. It was the previous site of Vail Resorts before the company moved its physical headquarters to Broomfield, CO. in 2006. The town is also the home of Liberty Skis, an independent ski manufacturing company.
The town was first listed by William L. Swift as a railroad station in 1889. Originally spelled "Avin", the name was later changed to "Avon". Avon was incorporated in August, 1978.
Formerly, Avon had a small private airport operated by Rocky Mountain Airways, located just west of the WalMart/Home Depot area. More can be found at: http://www.airfields-freeman.com/CO/Airfields_CO_NW.htm