Monument, CO


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Monument is a growing town situated on the Rampart Range in El Paso County, Colorado, United States. Monument is bordered by Pike National Forest on the west, Colorado Springs and the United States Air Force Academy to the south, foothills and rock outcroppings to the north and rolling plains to the east. The average high temperatures in the summer reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average winter low temperature is 12 degrees. In the winter Monument receives about 100 inches of snow, with a few warm, sunny days interspersed with the snowy ones. The population was 1,971 at the 2000 census. Monument was first settled as a stop along the Rio Grande railroad in 1872, and the area was incorporated as a town called Henry’s Station in 1879, but the name was later changed to Monument.
Monument is part of Lewis-Palmer District 38 schools. Colorado offers school choice, and in Monument there is support for public schools, private schools, charter schools, and home schools. Monument is mainly home to small business, and has no manufacturing or big business. The residents of Monument support several community and religious organizations, including several churches, Tri-Lakes Cares, YMCA, and the SERTOMA service organization.
Monument has a home rule charter government. This means that the governmental policy is established in a commission and then voted upon by the town council and board of trustees. In this case, the Charter has provided for a council-manager form of government. Provisions are made for a town manager, a mayor, and a board of trustees.