Summit Wood Arts

3844 S Taft Hill Rd
Fort Collins CO 80526

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Dustin Hughes, the owner and founder of Summit Wood Arts, has more than 20 years of experience in the woodworking trade. His passion for this art form is rooted in his childhood. Growing up in his parents' antique-filled Connecticut home, Dustin experienced his mother's love for arts and crafts projects and his father's knack for fixing almost anything. He was also fascinated by the array of woodworking tools in his grandpa's garage. Dustin was hooked from the moment he and his dad completed his first birdhouse.During high school, Dustin found his element in woodshop classes. Following school, he worked for a time in a local hardware store and then applied for a job at Nielsen's Wood Arts, a furniture restoration shop in Fairfield, CT. Although he wasn't aware of it in the beginning, Dustin would soon receive hands-on training from one of the state's finest craftsmen.Malcom Watson, Dustin's mentor, was a former machinist who purchased the 140-year-old business and learned the trade by working alongside his predecessor. Malcom passed his extensive knowledge on to Dustin, and together they restored high-quality furniture from customers in an elite, historic part of town. Dustin's New England training prepared him to combine his woodworking skills with his problem-solving abilities.Upon his move to Colorado in 1993, Dustin used the skills Malcom had passed on to him as the foundation for a new business. He founded Summit Wood Arts in a single-car garage that same year. In 2003, he moved the business to its present 2, 500-square-foot Fort Collins location.Over time, he has developed excellent relationships with customers who know they can depend on him for timely service and lovingly crafted woodwork. Even though the business has been successful, Dustin is committed to keeping it small so he can continue to focus on providing craftsmanship of extraordinary quality to each customer.With expertise in many facets of furniture restoration and wood fabrication, Dustin is an expert at creating small, intricate pieces as well as custom woodwork. He carefully refurbishes everything from 18th Century furnishings to clocks. In addition, he has the skill to fabricate duplicate pieces and reproductions featuring the same handcrafted elegance as the originals.Contact Summit Wood Arts for detailed workmanship that renews the splendor of your antique furnishings or custom-made pieces you'll treasure for a lifetime."Dustin transformed a damaged and mistreated antique bedroom set into a treasured family heirloom. His attention to detail, quality of work and timeliness are superb! We highly recommend him to anyone desiring excellence and professionalism."