Newtown, CT


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Newtown is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. The population was 27,560 at the 2010 census. Newtown was founded in 1705 and incorporated in 1711.
Elected to a two-year term, the Board of Selectmen supervise the administration of the affairs of the town, except those matters which by the General Statute or Town Charter are exclusively committed to the Board of Education or other departments. They are led by a First Selectman, who is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the town. The Board of Selectmen with the assistance of the departments and boards and commission prepares the annual budget in February. The Legislative Council of 12 members (elected to the same two year terms) acts as the Board of Finance and passes ordinances. The Council recommends the annual education and general government budget to the towns people. The old fashion town meeting and referendum are used to pass the budget. These procedures are set forth in the Town Charter adopted and reviewed by the citizens.
The Borough of Newtown occupies about 1,252 acres (507 ha) (or roughly two square miles) in the central part of town. Incorporated in 1824 by an act of the Connecticut General Assembly, it is one of only nine boroughs in the state. The borough adopted zoning for the town center long before the rest of the community. The lot sizes are smaller than the minimum 1-acre (4,000 m2) lots of the rest of the community. The borough also has running public water provided by a small town water company. Much of the borough is sewered, and the rest of the town is mostly wells and septic systems.