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KARAMAH: MUSLIM WOMEN LAWYERS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS is a charitable, educational organization that focuses on the domestic and global issues of human rights for Muslim women. KARAMAH is founded upon the ideal that education, dialogue, and action can counter the dangerous and destructive effects of ignorance, silence, and prejudice. Karamah envisions a world in which all human beings, regardless of their gender or other differences, enjoy their God-given right to dignity, which cannot be achieved without liberty and justice. The name Karamah is rooted in the Qur'anic verse: Karamah seeks to transform the archaic conception of women's status within some Muslim communities to reflect better the egalitarian Qur'anic worldview of gender equity and humanity. Such a conceptual transformation, along with tangible reforms and constructive discourse, will improve the treatment of women and ensure that they take an active part in governing their lives.