Rock Creek Park

Washington DC 20015
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Rock Creek Park is a national park dating back over 100 years found in the heart of Washington D.C. In a city crowded with historic landmarks, Rock Creek Park is a favorite oasis of greenery and hiking for both locals and visitors to explore the city in a whole new way.

Must see and do at Rock Creek Park
Many visitors stop at the Nature Center in the park to learn more about the park's trails and offerings as well as learn about the natural flora and fauna that flourish in the park. Many short trails, perfect for families with small kids, as well as a disability accessible trail, start at the Nature Center, which also has an exhibit that is home to turtles and fish and other small creatures.

Best and worst times to go to Rock Creek Park
Although the park is a hidden gem in the city, trails can get crowded on weekends with weekend warriors and outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of good weather and days off. Aim to visit during the week, when the trails are less crowded for a better respite from life in the city.

Admission to Rock Creek Park
Admission to Rock Creek Park is free and the park is open most days of the year. Some trails may be closed periodically due to weather conditions and if you want to picnic in the park, permits are required. Free parking for Rock Creek is also available and Metro stations are nearby for those taking public transportation.

Wildlife at Rock Creek Park
Rock Creek Park is home to lots of different bird species, making it a popular place with birders and visitors can find brochures with information about the types of birds that can be found during different months. White tailed deer run rampant in the park as do various others forms of wildlife such as chipmunks that you can learn about in the Nature Center.

Insider tips for Rock Creek Park
Rock Creek Park has poison ivy and ticks, so long pants and sleeves are recommended. The trails are also open to bikers and horses, so be on the lookout during your nature hike. The park also has historic buildings, including an old mill as well as a planetarium, amphitheater and tennis courts and other features to keep visitors busy throughout the year.

Author's bio: Carly Zinderman is a freelance writer from Los Angeles that loves to travel. She has written for many websites on topics including travel, food and drink.