Belleview, FL


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Belleview is a city in Marion County, Florida. The population was 3,478 at the 2000 census. According to the U.S Census estimates of 2009, the city had a population of 4,483. It is part of the Ocala Metropolitan Statistical Area. The name, Belleview, which means beautiful view, came from one of the original settlers whose daughter was named “Belle”. "The City with Small Town Charm" is the city’s motto which genuinely reflects the feeling of the city.
Like many parts of Marion County, Florida, one of Belleview's first recorded land owners was a transplanted South Carolinian, J. F. Pelot Sr. In 1854, he settled on a farm about three miles west of where the current Belleview City Hall is located. Prior to Pelot's arrival, the area around Lake Lillian was a popular resting place for Native American bands including the Seminole tribe under Osceola.
In April of 1839, United States soldiers held talks with a group of Seminoles on an over-night excursion somewhere near Lake Lillian, which was called Nine Mile Pond at the time. The name came about because the pond was located nine miles south of Fort King in present-day Ocala.