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Navarre is an unincorporated community in Santa Rosa County in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. Navarre is about 25 miles east of Pensacola and about 15 miles west of Fort Walton Beach. The community is roughly centered on the junction of U.S. Route 98 and State Road 87. It is part of the Pensacola–Ferry Pass–Brent Metropolitan Statistical Area.
The founder of Navarre was Colonel Guy Wyman, colonel in the United States Army. He initially platted the town in 1925. His family used to visit the area, and they had purchased a lot of property. Wyman was in World War I where he met a French nurse named Noel. He wanted to bring her back with him to the United States to marry her, and the only way he could bring her back was to adopt her. So, he did. Noel had actually named Navarre after a province in Spain near France. During the Great Depression, they couldn’t pay the taxes on it. So they had to start selling it off. Part of that property is where the Navarre Park is today. Noel traveled to New York to teach French to earn money to pay the taxes. When she came back, Colonel Wyman had taken a shining to another young lady. When their divorce was final, he told Noel not to set foot on his property. She came on his property allegedly to tend to a pet cemetery that she had, and Colonel Wyman shot her. He didn’t get in trouble because he had warned her. Colonel Wyman’s parents were murdered in Navarre by the Roberts brothers. Apparently, the Roberts brothers thought the Wymans had a lot of money, tried to rob them and ended up murdering them. They were nabbed and hanged in Crestview, Florida.