Forever Vets Animal Hospital at Baymeadows

8505 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville FL 32256
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Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 8:00 pm, Sat 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Terrible place. They only care about money and will almost kill your animals to make sure they make as much as possible. They tried to charge us almost $400 for services that were unnecessary and for medicine that should NEVER be given to a puppy. We took our dog there 3 times and they kept recommending test that he did not need and they could not figure out what the issue was. I took him to Maverick Animal Hospital and on the first visit they found the problem and treated him for $78. If you care about your animals do not put them in the hands of these MONSTERS. DO NOT PAY OVER $300 FOR THE WELLNESS PLAN. It only covers annual shots. The shots alone should be under $100 a year. I would say this place is a joke but i take my animals health very seriously and they are only out to get money by harming your pets. DO NOT RISK YOUR PETS LIFE.
When we moved to Jacksonville from NYC, nothing was what we expected. The people here seemed so phony and we felt really out of place and unhappy with every office we checked out. We were so glad to find Dr. G and feel comfortable with a vet open late and close by. He is an absolute doll and a true professional. Our animals are our family, and it was a blessing to find a place to take them to for quality care.Yes, they're expensive and yes, there's always going to be some drops or cream or medication that your animal "needs" but Dr. G truly does care about the animals he treats. He is good at what he does, and we are certain he saved our cats life.Unfortunately the manager Kim is a NIGHTMARE of a person and the least professional woman you could ever imagine. She hung up on me, left me on hold, and then gave me dirty looks when I complained about her to Dr. G. She has such a rude nasty attitude, and doesn't even know how to manage her own behavior, much less a vet office. They also do not appropriately manage their grooming or time schedule. My dog was seen by Dr. G at 9am and was supposed to go to straight to grooming after the visit just for a bath.FOUR HOURS LATER and not one person had returned my calls to check on my dog. I finally got Kim on the phone, and she told me my dog hadn't even been bathed yet.They had jammed my giant Newfoundland in a cage, and left him there for 4 HOURS! Naturally I was infuriated and was in tears on the phone with Kim asking how they could do that to him without telling us.She just kept saying "I don't know, he'd be in a cage to dry anyway" which didn't even make sense because he hadn't even been bathed yet! Eventually after me arguing and crying on the phone with her, she said "Ma'am you need to calm down, you're being ridiculous" and she HUNG UP ON ME!!! I called back and she picked up and hung up. I called back again and she picked up, didn't speak, and just left me on hold. I called back again, and another tech answered the phone and actual took care of me.We LOVE Dr. G, but this incident definitely made us question whether or not our animals are actually being taken care of there. If that's how they treat a crying concerned customer, how do they treat a defenseless animal when we're not looking?How do you leave an animal in a cage for hours without ok'ing that with the owners, or even letting us know that's happening? We can't feel certain that our animals are safe at this vet office anymore.Hopefully Dr. G will hire more professional staff who know how to behave and treat people with respect, and a groomer who knows how to stay on schedule, so that we can return to this office and trust that our pets are safe and in good hands. It's a shame that such a good doctor would be flanked with such horrible management. If you bring your pet to this vet, don't leave them there unless it's an absolute emergency, don't EVER believe a thing Kim tells you, and be prepared to spend a TON of money to keep your pet healthy.
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