Rhine, GA


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Rhine is a town in Dodge County, Georgia, United States. The population was 422 at the 2000 census.
The town of Rhine is situated near the Ocmulgee River, about fifteen miles south of Eastman. It was about the year 1886 that the Seaboard Airline Railroad was built through that section of Dodge County, and immediately the town of Rhine sprang up. Immediately the turpentine and lumber camps of Milan and Rhine began to flourish. They are towns in a rich agricultural section of Georgia.
The first general store opened there was by Messrs. G. W. and D. M. Ryals. Turpentine still was established by three brothers named Robitzsch, who came from North Carolina. The town was built on land that was owned for many years by J. M. Swymer. Another pioneer settler was James Reaves, whose family still resides there. Gradually other stores were built and homes erected, most of them being good substantial residences. The citizens of Rhine are principally engaged in lumber and agriculture.