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Tara was awesome. Single mom of 4 and they helped me and knocked the appointments out fast with professionalism and having a 2,4 and 6 year old all at once plus my 14 year old they did outstanding making the little ones have a great first experience. No tears and no cavities. Thanks Kool Smiles team y’all rock. Thank you Tara for making my youngest ones feel safe, happy and excited for their dentist visit.
First of all the staff is very unprofessional! I've been taking my son there for 10 yrs and my daughter for 5. I have dealt with their lack of professionalism but this past time put me over the edge! They were laughing and goofing off about some guy who likes one of them and made wait to fill out paperwork till they were done giggling. Then the dental hygienist was rude and snobby just like she always is. Once we were escorted to the back and the dentist came in he refused to acknowledge me being in the room! My daughter is very afraid because of a past incident with another dentist that also practices at Kool Smiles. This experience only made it worse. She started getting upset and he told her that he would make me leave the room. After the second time trying to get the plastic piece that holds their mouth open he gave and told the girl in the room with us that my daughter will have to be sedated Never once did he discuss this with me or explained to me why he couldn't just do his job. Needless to say I will be finding another dentist to take my children to!
Wonderful experience while bringing my kids in for a dental check up. The staff were very friendly and my kids were entertained by he playroom while awaiting to be called in for their appointments. Not a long wait time at all, and they did an amazing job making sure my kids were not afraid. I recommend Kool Smiles to every parent if they want a great experience for their kids.
This was perhaps the most unprofessional "establishment" I've ever taken my child to besides maybe Chucky Cheese. I am relatively sure that the staff employed were either dropouts in their class or somehow being forced to work there. I can't see any other reason why anyone would want to be there. They overbook appointments and have an inefficient system where they call out names of people they can't find and when they finally get you back to the real nightmare, You are forced to sit and wait for approximately another hour while they scream across the room at each other and yell out every child's tooth ailment for everyone to hear. I actually just walked out of there very slowly, as I was embarrassed to have been there but honestly even if they paid me to go there I wouldn't step foot in that awful place again. I feel sorry for the people that have to go there. Believe it or not. I cut this review very short.
Ive been going here for many years, I have 3 children and one of them wears braces. I have never had any issues. Service is really decent, I dont mind waiting to make sure my kids teeth are being properly cared for but I dont usually wait very long, at the most 20 mins. Friendly staff knowledgeable admin personal.
I would have given a 5 for overall but I can't. The wait time is horrible. I love my daughter Orthodontist Dr. Stewart. He's very caring and professional and take time to explain to the parent as well as the child the importance of brushing and flossing. He show them the correct way to floss between the braces. His staff is amazing and friendly and try and make it easy for working parents to bring their kids. The wait time for appointments once you are there need to be a little quicker.
There was one nice guy that came to get my daughter to do x-rays, but the Dr barely spoke a word to me. He was busy, and I think he is nice, but parents want a Dr that will slow down long enough to make eye contact. I also want him to tell ME what he sees, not just dictate it to the nurse. Neither of my children had cavities, and I feel the staff should have smiled at least. Yes, it was close to their lunch time. I was also 10 mins late to my appt so I guess they were ill bc of this, but I had a good reason for being late. Look, just smile people. The staff could have been a lot friendlier and the Dentist should have communicated with me at least a little bit. I had to ask 2 or 3 times to find out my children had no cavities. I am not sure I will go back, but my kids love the play area so much, I just may have to.
Never again will I put my child through the unprofessional & unorganized mess of this office. We had a appointment at 10, didn't get back to a room until 11:45 then didn't see the doctor until after 12. I've never in my life seen a Doctor that treats children the way Dr. Jacqueline L. Gilkey treated my little girl yesterday. She was so rude & had a nasty attitude even knowing my little girl was scared to death about having 2 teeth removed. Shame on her is all I can say. I gave them 1 star only because i didn't have a choice & had to rate them but I assure you they don't even deserve that.
I accompanied my granddaughter for follow up care after her braces were removed. The dentists and assistants were very friendly and professional. On our last appointment, Justin was the dental assistant. He showed compassion and made us feel at ease.
I had a horrible experience yesterday. Not only do these people recommend unnecessary treatments on kids to get money, they are very unprofessional. I had 2 kids brought in yesterday in separate rooms for fillings. When I went to check on my older child, they were laughing and joking and moving to the music with their hands in his mouth. I over heard a 3rd employee, who was not partaking in the procedure, saying something that the dentist replied to in a joking matter don't you see we have a ten year old here and continued to carry on and laughing. As they were working on my younger child, they were carrying on talking about their personal life, laughing so hard that you can see them visibly shaking the instruments that were still in my child's mouth. I said something about it, in which they responded "oh This is how it be in the evenings on Mondays. Y'all the last ones. My bad" I will never use them again
Usually I don't have problem at this place but my last visit was bad my son had to get his cavity filled first they numb his mouth and then left him sitting there for a hour and a half finally I got fed up and went to say something my appt was at 8am and they didn't get done till almost 11 I told the asst that my appt was two hours ago she had the nerve to tell me well I don't make the appointments next time they better have it together
I am so upset because this location canceled my childs appointments twice, then makes it seem like I am the one cancelling the appointment. They should pay me cancellation fees. I work and these cancellations have caused me hardships. They are not a working parents friend in my opinion.
The dentist my son saw didn't even o ow why he was there, she was asking me all types of question that in my opinion she should have been aware of before he got in the chair. Every other time my son is usually ok at the dentist I mean as with all other kids he's a bit nervous before the dentist. However, this time his dental assistant did nothing to make him feel comfortable and continuously pointed out that he was too old to be that upset at the dentist, which was very unprofessional in my opinion. I explained to her he had a bad experience in their office prior to this visit and she continued to be very impatient with my son. We will not return to Kool Smiles and I hope this review will help inform other parents.
Great visit with my 14 yr old daughter! They saw us fairly promptly, especially when compared to wait times we've had at other providers. The staff was super-friendly, knowledgeable, professional, & helpful. They set her up for a tooth extraction and orthodontics consult, & even set her future cleaning appointment, making sure all of the appointments were convenient for me. They were happy to accommodate my work schedule & still got her scheduled to come back within a few weeks. I'm very glad I chose them - would highly recommend them to any parent.
I have two daughters and we have been going there since my oldest was 1. I have never had a bad experience. The afternoons tend to have longer wait times, but we usually only wait about 20 minutes or so in the mornings. Everyone is friendly and they are great with kids.
Playground once again was closed this has happened last 3 visits. Its hard to explain ro a 3 year old. Instead of blocking with chairs that 5 or 6 kids moved including my own close it off better. The hygienist Beth usually cleans my daughter s teeth with zero problems and remembers she is 3 not 10 where a kid would sit still. Instead of trying to reassure my daughter everything was ok, they bring 3 people to hold her down as she is crying from being scared. Also im not really confident they cleaned all of her teeth it seemed since she was moving around they rushed to get her out. If Beth is no longer there we will NOT come back.
I have been taking my son here for 5 years now, and my daughter for 2. The place is very clean and everyone is always nice. The play area could use some deep cleaning and or an update but other than that, I like this place. Saturdays are my favorite, we are always in and out! :-)
I came once again after bringing the kids I Theresa Dykstra felt like Dr. Yu had no bedside manners he was rude and impatient. The 2 technicians shonte Robinson and casandra and there was two more the tech with the braces that completely understood and had patience with while I was in tears from the way I was treated by Dr. Yu and the lady with the blonde hair also helped because my insurance wouldn't cover something she made sure I could get the work done at a reasonable price. Also the other lady at the front desk with the ponytail helped a whole lot. I appreciate the people that helped me and I hope Dr.Yu's impatience came from being very busy. I don't feel like it has changed my mind about lol smiles I will still use it for my family dental needs I will even try Dr. Yu on a not so busy day.
My son had an appointment yesterday at 3pm and it was 345 before we were called back. He decided to play, in the play area and it smelled HORRIBLE. For a facility as such, it would have thought it would have smelled more sanitary. We will not be returning.
We waited for 45 minutes before given paperwork to fill out . Was told I was a walkin I had an appointment. Waited over an hour for insurance verification. The dentist didn't introduct himself. No one wear name tags. It was very noisy. This is not the place to go as an adult. I was scared for the child who I over heard being told " I told you if you move it will hurt, stop moving
I was so scared for my 6 year old to get a cap and filling all in the same day but Dr.yu and assistant Ms. Heidi took my fear away. My daughter did not cry once and they both told my daughter everything they had to do step by step. I love this place
I usually speak highly of experience. But last visit took too long due to 1 staff member leaving my child in a room and returning an hr later. Then performed procedure with him feeling pain. He had to ask for more numbing meds due to the fact that he was left alone for that hour after he had taken numbing med. When you arrive @1:47 pm and go to the back at 2:15ish i shouldn't leave at 3:30. 20 other patients came and went I DON'T THINK THAT WAS PROFESSIONAL. ALMOST 2 HRS FOR A FILLING

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