Dunkerton, IA


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Dunkerton is a city in Black Hawk County, Iowa, United States. The population was 749 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Waterloo–Cedar Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area.
In 1853 two brothers, James and John Dunkerton, walked from Dubuque, Iowa, to stake out a claim of land near Lester. This claim became the town known as Lesterton, and later Dunkerton. In 1854 John died and was buried in the small cemetery which now holds 4 generations of Dunkertons. James remained and built up his land. In 1855 he married his cousin, Joanne/ At 60 years of age, James and his eldest son, sold a portion of their land to the railroad, requesting that the railroad be extended to Iowa. This act enabled the present City of Dunkerton to be established. [currently no reference available, will update at a later date]
The Dunkerton Bridge is a piece of history, spanning over Crane Creek from the City to the Charma Park. The pedestrian bridge, built in 1909, is still usable today.