Pocahontas, IL


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Pocahontas is a village in Bond County, Illinois, United States. The population was 727 at the 2000 census. Pocahontas is the hometown of country music singer Gretchen Wilson and also the hometown of alt-country noise rockers Grandpa's Ghost.
Pocahontas was originally known as Hickory Grove and then Amity. In 1850, the name was changed to Pocohontas (with an "o"). In 1855, the current spelling with an "a" came into place. Pocahontas was incorporated as a village in 1847. The town was named "Pocahontas" after Pocahontas the Native American who married John Rolfe and according to legend saved the life of Captain John Smith.
Pocahontas is located at 38°49′30″N 89°32′27″W / 38.825°N 89.54083°W / 38.825; -89.54083 (38.825014, -89.540812).