Leavenworth, IN


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Leavenworth is a town in Jennings Township, Crawford County, Indiana, along the Ohio River. The population was 238 at the 2010 census.
Leavenworth was laid out in 1818 in an oxbow of the Ohio River, directly under a large bluff called Mt. Eden. The bluff forms part of the Indiana Ridge and faces directly across the river toward Kentucky. A spectacular panoramic view of the valley can be seen from the top of the ridge. "Old Leavenworth" (the original town, now practically abandoned) was almost completely wiped out by the huge 1937 Ohio River flood, as it was built directly on the floodplain.
The town’s founders came from Connecticut. Born in 1792, Zebulon Leavenworth moved west to Cincinnati and studied law in Chillicothe, Ohio. He then taught for a year in Cincinnati before joining a government surveying expedition to the Illinois frontier. Returning to Ohio to enter into a business with his brother Seth, a printer and school teacher, Zebulon Leavenworth bought four hundred acres of public land in Indiana and laid out the town of Leavenworth in 1818-19 (he was then 26 years old.) He met his wife, an eighteen-year-old girl from Delaware named Margaret Patterson, in New Albany, Indiana and they were married in 1821. Zebulon was a well-educated man and an elegant writer. On his fiftieth wedding anniversary in 1871, a year before his death, he penned a poem to his wife Margaret, which he read aloud at a dinner party. In light of the town's later destruction by a flood and its historic relocation to the ridge top, one stanza reads prophetically: