Vallonia, IN


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Vallonia is an unincorporated town in Driftwood Township, Jackson County, Indiana and as an 18th century French settlement and 19th century American frontier fortification known as Fort Vallonia.
Vallonia is located at 38°50′49″N 86°05′52″W / 38.84694°N 86.09778°W / 38.84694; -86.09778.
Vallonia was a French settlement of the late 18th century and lay between the Muscatatuck River and White River's east fork (aka Driftwood). Circa 1810, hostilities began between the settlers and Native Americans. Governor General William Henry Harrison ordered a fort built as well as a number of other defensive structures including a large stockade, garrison, blockhouses, and a spring. to be built to protect the some 90 families in the area. Two companies of Indiana Rangers were stationed here during the War of 1812.