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8225 Country Club Pl
Indianapolis IN 46214

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About INAir Aviation Services Company INAir Aviation Services Company was conceived in 1988 by Greg A. Mathias and received its FAA Repair Station certificate ( #IOVR072L ) in late 1990. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, INAir Aviation Services Company is ideally located within 300 miles of most major cargo airlines. INAir Aviation Services Company facility houses a 5500 sq/ft climate controlled and HEPA filtered shop and calibration lab, and 2500 sq/ft of office space. INAir Aviation Services Company founder Greg Mathias has over 25 years experience in the aviation field. While working for Sperry Flight System Avionics Division in Phoenix, Arizona, Greg received his formal education and hands-on engineering experience with electro-mechanical instruments and gyroscopes. Greg then honed his engineering skills on gyroscopes while employed at United Airlines in San Francisco, California. Greg's continuing education led to the design of his patent pending automatic gyroscopic test equipment. While at United Airlines, the need for a specialized third party repair shop became evident. Market studies and feasibility plans which were conducted in 1988, confirmed the need for specialized repair shops in the aviation industry. These studies showed that the overall quality of most existing repair shops suffered due to the lack of product specialization. The common factors affecting quality were lack of specialization, improper tooling, and improperly trained or inexperienced personnel. It is human nature that most individuals excel in a particular field, and are mediocre in another. Rarely do you find a person who excels in every endeavor they undertake and repair stations are no different. You would not take your car to a TV repairman, nor can you reasonably expect an individual trained in digital theory to be proficient with electro-mechanical devices. Our goal INAir Aviation Services Company is to provide our customers with the highest quality repair/overhaul service and component reliability in the industry. The only way to achieve our goal is with the proper tooling, extensive personnel training and by specializing in instruments with which we have extensive experience. INAir Aviation Services Company we take pride in helping our customers resolve problems. This may include assisting their technical services people in trouble shooting a chronic aircraft, recommending a component build specification, initiating additional testing procedures to identify intermittent problems, or even by conducting research to identify aircraft effectively/compatiblility issues. Our ultimate goal is to decrease mean time between unscheduled removals ( MTBUR ), and increase mean time between failure ( MTBF ). INAir Aviation Services we are not, and do not claim to be, a One Stop Shop for all of your repair needs. We concentrate on items with which we have extensive experience and training. We do not make promises to our customers that we cannot keep. We will not add a unit to our capability list unless we are confident we can provide the highest quality repair/overhaul service in the industry. INAir Aviation Services Company is a proud member of the following online databases INAir Aviation Services Company 8225 Country Club Place, IN 46214 Indianapolis Phone: 317 ) 271-0195 Fax: 317 ) 271-0345 sales