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Elegant Web Design began as an idea in the summer of 2001. Greg Nooney noticed that more and more businesses were thinking about the Internet. Perhaps some of their customers asked them if they had a web page. Perhaps they were looking to expand their customer base and wondered if they should try gettting a presence on the Internet. Many of these businesses had misgivings about the prospect. They had heard of friends who had tried to get a web page and had sunk a lot of money into it hoping for lots of new business which didn't materialize. Others had asked their nephew or brother-in-law to set them up a web page and found it to be less than professionally done and not maintained. Many had unrealistic expectations of what a web site might do for their business. Greg also noticed that the costs of web design were quite variable. Many of the first companies to offer web design work were companies that did other kinds of graphic design work, and it was a natural step to move into web design. When someone from a small company approached one of these design companies, they were often approached with a package of design work that included web design as one part. Such packages were often cost prohibitive for the small company. Elegant Web Design LLC grew out of a desire to serve the small businessperson. We are able to create a professionally designed web site at a reasonable price without confusing the client with other designing options. If the business already has a logo, we will incorporate it into the web design. If not, we will use lettering and images to suit the customer's style and type of web presence desired. We always spend the time necessary to help the customer clarify exactly what he or she wants the web site to acomplish so that the design will reflect those goals.