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Malvern is a city in Mills County, Iowa, United States. The population was 1,256 at the 2000 census, estimated in 2008 at 1,323. The Wabash Trace--a railroad converted to a bicycle trail—passes through Malvern. The Mills County Fair is held here, although Glenwood is the county seat. Malvern is the largest town in the eastern half of the county.
The pioneer village of Milton was established in the fall of 1869. It was later renamed Malvern when it was discovered that there was already another Milton, Iowa. It was one of four communities in the area that came into existence with the completion of the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad on November 18, 1869.
John D. Paddock and his bride were the first residents of Malvern. They arrived in September and put up a small 1 1⁄2-story building that served as their home and the community’s first store.