Morning Glory Espresso

7314 Switzer St
Shawnee KS 66203

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Morning Glory Espresso - What's the Story, Morning Glory We spent years searching for a comfortable coffee spot to just hang out from time to time. Picky, picky, picky . and (as consumers), easily annoyed. There's a lot of bad coffee out there. Some of the shops we visited could produce a tasty drink, but we found the background noise and music to be too distracting. Other places had a trendy d cor, but felt cold and not very welcoming. Some of the shops were pleasant to visit, but the drinks would gag a goat. There were shops that intimidated us with odd-sounding names for drinks and sizes and others that we wanted to "adopt" because the staff was friendly and the drinks were good, but the place was well dirty. Other times we would think we had found "the place" only to be disappointed because the drinks were not consistent in taste and quality. (We're gamblers. We'll drop $300 at the casino but don't want to gamble $3 on a chance that the latt we crave will not be satisfying). Consistency is vital, but often missing. Positive employee attitudes and good customer service are vital, but often missing. Attention to detail at every level is vital, but often missing. Good value is vital, but often missing. We could not seem to find the "perfect" coffee spot, so we decided to create it. It wasn't as simplistic as it sounds. Three years from "light bulb" to "latt ", three years of research, training and financial planning. We gave up the business that is gambling for the gamble that is business. We faced the fact that we would never get rich. We did enough research to know that the best way to make a small fortune in the coffee business is to start with a large fortune (neither of which we had or have). We bought ourselves a pleasant place to hang out, and never looked back. We're doing what we love, and loving what we do. Once the decision had been made to open Morning Glory, the search for a perfect location began. Strip malls were never an option. We grew up in small towns (pre-Wal-Mart) where Main Street was the lifeblood of the community and although we could not wait to leave Small Town, Kansas as teenagers, we found ourselves strangely nostalgic for it as adults. Unique little Mom and Pop shops, a sense of community pride and folks who have lived in the same neighborhood for years that's what we wanted and that's what we found in Mission. Morning Glory opened in 2005, and you may not know we're here because we never had a Grand Opening and we do not advertise. Our customers do that for us, which is why we are "Mission's Best-Cupped Secret". Everything we searched for in a coffee spot is here: consistently good drinks with attention to detail and quality, friendly professionalism from the staff, fair pricing, clean, serene and welcoming atmosphere, a positive energy zone with a sense of humor. We strive to treat each person who walks in the door as we would a guest in our home, and we don't take ourselves or what we do too seriously--because we know our best work will just end up in someone's toilet anyway. We discourage loud conversations (but laughter is okay); well-behaved children are always welcome (but unattended children will be given two shots of espresso and a puppy, and disruptive children will be given toys made in China); and we do not have Wi-Fi. Morning Glory may not be YOUR perfect coffee spot, and that's okay. If we all wanted the same things, there wouldn't be enough to go around, and our seating is a bit limited. But we invite you to check us out anyway, sample our coffee, and take one of our smiles they're free.