New Strawn, KS


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New Strawn is a city in Coffey County, Kansas, United States. The population was 425 at the 2000 census.
The town of New Strawn came about when John Redmond Reservoir was built, causing the original town of Strawn to be claimed by the Army Corp of Engineers for flood area. (Land available for flooding during a rain, or in case of excess rain up river.) The old city of Strawn is usually available for exploration. The streets are still distinguisable, although the land was rescaped after the demolition of the buildings. New Strawn is noted in the area for the top-notch fishing in its city lake, and for its professional grade, choreographed, Fourth of July Fireworks show. An excellent history of "Old Strawn", which was relocated to the site of New Strawn, was written by Mary Lou DeLong Atherly; it is titled "Yesterday's Tomorrow: A History of Strawn, Kansas & Surrounding Territory", and is available through the Coffey County Museum in Burlington.
The last infant born within the city limits of Strawn was Angelea Wheeler, daughter of Albert and Thelma Wheeler. The last infant born to a Strawn address outside the city limits was Joyce Hutchinson, daughter of Sammy and Marion Hutchinson. These were both home births.