Elkhorn City, KY


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Elkhorn City is a city in Pike County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 1,060 at the 2000 census. The city is located in close proximity to the Breaks Interstate Park.
Elkhorn City was first settled by William Ramey of North Carolina circa 1810. However, in 1767-1768, Daniel Boone took his first steps in what is now Kentucky near present-day Elkhorn City on a hunting expedition.
It was originally named Elkhorn, after an "elk's horn" that was found on the banks of Elkhorn Creek. But, because there was already a town in Taylor County with the same name, the town had to be renamed in order to avoid confusion. On October 16, 1882, the post office was renamed Praise for "Camp Praise-the-Lord", a tent colony that was established by evangelist George O. Barnes for a revival there in August 1881. In 1907, the C&O Railroad established a station in Praise that was named Elkhorn City. Although Elkhorn City was incorporated as a city on November 4, 1912, the local post office was not renamed Elkhorn City until September 1, 1952, after local pressure for a uniform name.