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My son had an appointment for fillings that was supposed to be done in one visit, then it was scheduled a second visit. In that second visit, they ended up not finishing the fillings and rescheduling the filling. Went back a third time early in the morning after waiting an hour, now this time they said he didn't need the last set of fillings and nothing was done. That is ridiculous, nobody have time for that. It seems like it's about the money. I'm just saying.
I had a wonderful experience. My daughter's evain dixon and ja'niyah peltier were well greeted and treated with respect. The dental assistance Carla, Victoria, and Felicia were awesome as well as hygentist. Thanks for the wonderful experience
My daughter was nervous and terrified of going to the dentist today. She cried! But when we arrive We were greeted by the staff who are all really nice. Then she went to the back by her self because I had a baby sister with he we were greeted by the staff who are all really nice. Then she went to the back by her self because I had a her little sister with us. The staff made her feel so comfortable and so at ease l. She let them pull her tooth with out me being back there with her! When we left she said that's the only place I want to go for now on!!! Thanks Dr. Williams and Ms. Cato! You guys are awesome!!! Would recommend to other people
Our Dental assistant today was Brittany she was excellent with my daughter she loved her no problems and didn't fight this time that's how great she was with my daughter would suggest her to be everybody I knows to be there Dental Assistant!!!!
The staff was great during my niece visit, explain the procedures that she would need done in a way that was more understanding. Also had all my questions answered. Would definitely recommend this office to friends and family.
The wait was a little long. But Brittney was so nice and made the situation so much better she explained why it took awhile and apologize for the inconvenience, she made me feel like she knew me and my son personally Such a nice person,great I recommend your family to go there Request Dr.Williams!
the kool smile office is so quiet and peaceful. the people are very nice and polite . we came across a problem but Ms.Brandi was a complete life saver . its a clean and beautiful facility . I highly advise you to come to kool smiles for a brighter smile and day .
When I came into the facility today it was very clean; I was greeted with a smile by Ms. Brandi; she was very nice and helpful with the questions I had in reference to the paperwork. Ms. Keisha was also helpful when I had some insurance questions. Krystal Joseph is the most knowledgeable dental assistant I have every had. She was very helpful and concerned about my son's welfare. Everyone was so nice! I would recommend this office to EVERYONE!! :)
I had my 5yo son who had never been seen here before. Called they got me in same day, staff was great, dentist was overly comforting to my son. From walking in to working with Brandi all the way till scheduling appointments for all three kids; accommodating me at the end with Kiesha. I am very blessed we found our new forever Dentist for my babies.
My daughter had a 4:00 appointment to remove her wisdom teeth. I was previously quoted a cost. That day it was $215 higher than what I was quoted��������. By the time my daughter was called to the back it was around 4:45. They would not let me back there with her��������. In less than 5 minutes my daughter and the assistant came back to the front. The assistant called me in a room and told me the orthodontist has to leave. I asked why she said he said he has to prepare for the next day.���������������� This makes no sense. We waited a whole month for this appointment. He only removes wisdom teeth once a month. Now we will have wait even longer because school is starting or I can find another place to do it. Very disappointed ����������������������������������������For the orthodontist.
We had 3 appointments today. My 13 yr old daughter, my 9 yr old grandson & my 6 yr old granddaughter. I have no complaints with my daughter's visit, but my older daughter was there with her two children & she had a huge problem. They called my grandson's name 1st. When my daughter stood up they told her that she could not go to the back with an extra child. She had a choice to let my grandson, who is autistic, go to the back alone or leave her 6 yr old child alone in the front with strangers. You call this kid friendly? My grandson was already scared to be there & when they took him to the back, they nurse told him to go to the last room. She just left him to find the room on his own. When he spotted me he was so excited. He said, "MawMaw they said to go to the last room, but I don't know where that is." I made him stay with me until someone showed up to show him where to go. I was so glad that it was the room right next door to my daughter so I could try to watch both of them. My daughter was at the front desk crying & begging to go to the back and check on her son. When they finally let her go in the back, they told her that her daughter had to sit outside of the room because 2 children can't be in the same room at the same time. Once again I was going in and out of the room to help watch the children. You would think that we had been through enough, but there had to be ONE rude person in the back. She was not a nice person & had some very rude comments for my daughter. My daughter put her in her place & she kept her mouth shut for the rest of the visit. If this is how this place will be ran, then Kool Smiles will be losing 3 patients. I know more parents are telling us that they are looking for a new dentist because of the way this place is running. It's not the doctors, they are amazing. MOST of the staff is amazing. Get it together Kool Smiles or families will be walking away.
My granddaughter's first visit to the dentist. Awesome. She was not afraid and was able to ask questions. The staff, especially the office manager, were extremely patient with her (she had a ton of questions). I think we have found a place to stay.
My son's appointment was at 3:30 so I got there at 3. They didn't call me son to the back until 4:45 and he was only there for a cleaning!!! They brushed his teeth and again we had to wait for at least another 10 min to see the dentist only for them to put vitamins. We didn't leave out of there until 5:30!!!
I initially went in with a bad attitude, because I heard bad things about it, but I was wrong, Britney was so sweet to me and my child the moment we walked in, she explained everything, she played games and colored with my son, she made him and myself feel so comfortable she was excellent! Dr. Schaer was very nice and fun also so patient so kind..
Very attentive, friendly and caring office staff ! My son was nervous to have his dental work done and they made sure that he felt comfortable before they took him to the back for his work. Kool Smiles made life easier for us on that day and I really appreciate it! Thank you !
My grandkids LOVE Kool Smiles! They have been going there for 2 years now! The staff & new office manager are very friendly! They even come from behind the desk & come to you if they need you. I would recommend this office to everyone!

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