Swampscott, MA


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Swampscott is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts, United States located 15 miles up the coast from Boston in an area known as the North Shore. The population is 13,787. A former summer resort on Massachusetts Bay, Swampscott is today an affluent residential community; the 16th wealthiest in the state, which includes the village of Beach Bluff, as well as part of the neighborhood of Clifton. It is known for its quiet suburban character and beaches. The town is home to Marian Court College.
Swampscott was first settled in 1629 as the eastern part (Ward One) of Lynn, and was set off and officially incorporated in 1852.
Swampscott, a beach town north of Boston, (measuring 3 square miles (7.8 km2), and abutting Salem, Marblehead and Lynn) was an important destination for the wealthy at the beginning of the 20th century; while Revere Beach, which lies just several miles down the road, has the honour of technically being America's first public beach, Swampscott was the de facto first resort town. Lynn was the divider between the poor beach and the rich resort town. The name 'Swampscott' comes from the language of a local native American tribe. The following is verbatim from the official Swampscott web page: "History of Swampscott."