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About Equity Partners, Inc Because we are entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we have tremendous respect for you. We know you have poured blood, sweat and tears into your business. And, now, you find yourself struggling financially, perhaps through no fault of your own. We've been there. We understand that maximum value will be achieved by bringing in new money to see your company through the tough times. In fact, keeping businesses going, no matter how dire the situation, is Equity Partners' hallmark. We were founded to help small to mid-sized companies ( $250 million or less ) by filling a void: There are plenty of management firms that will come in to help you run your business ; there are many strong attorneys that will deftly steer you through legal issues ; there are countless companies that want to liquidate your assets ; and there are big Wall Street investment bankers that can help provide financial solutions for larger companies, but no one is better positioned than Equity Partners, Inc to timely provide you with financial options that maintain the going concern. Twenty two year old Equity Partners, Inc is a boutique, highly specialized, investment-banking firm that does one thing and one thing only provides financial solutions for distressed businesses and properties. Recognized as the nation's leader in maximizing value for companies and properties, we use a proven process that has provided solutions for over 350 clients in a vast array of industries in 44 of the 50 States, preserving in excess of 35, 000 jobs. Develop a tailored, intensive, and exhaustive marketing program designed to attract a wide spectrum of investors. Keep you informed via weekly written reports, emails, and scheduled telephone calls so you can focus on running your business. Manage the closing process. Many people talk, but it takes a professional to impel people to wire funds. In short, we will turn over every stone for you. And, bear in mind, we earn no fee unless you select a solution and it is implemented. Equity Partners, Inc can help you achieve your objectives in a financially troubled situation. At no cost to you, we are happy to meet with you and evaluate your situation. Contact us, before it's too late. "After the events of 9/11, my company was forced into a Chapter 11, and I couldn't see any clear way to maintain control of the business. Seemingly faced with a liquidation, Equity Partners was instead able to partner me with an investor, and together, we formed a "NewCo" and used the process to clean up the balance sheet. Operations continued without missing a beat. Equity Partners was instrumental in structuring the transaction, getting court approval, and in negotiating substantial reductions in lease payments with all of my equipment lessors."