The Art of Shaving

100 Huntington Ave
Boston MA 02116

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<p>True to its name, the Art of Shaving elevates what many consider a simple necessity to nothing short of an art-form. The luxury razors (each with a projected lifespan of at least five years) are weighted and balanced for a superior shave, ranging from the heavy nickel-plated handle to the relatively light acrylic handle. These razors are beautifully displayed in dark wood cabinets, and one buys them as one buys a fountain pen.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Here&nbsp;you can&nbsp;also find the once-common "badger brush" (a shaving tool made from authentic badgers' hair) because applying shaving cream with such a brush is far better for the pores than cold spray-on shaving cream.</p> <p>The beautiful shaving kits (which include after-shave, shaving cream and pre-shave oil) are available in lemon, sandalwood, lavender and original scents. This is indeed a complete men's grooming store, with one eye on style and the other on skin health.</p> <p>The company was purchased by Proctor &amp; Gamble, the makers of Gillette, making the razors all compatible with Gillette blades.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>