Funkstown, MD


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Funkstown is a town in Washington County, Maryland, United States. The population was 983 at the 2000 census.
Originally 88 acres (360,000 m2) were sold to Henry Funk by Frederick Calvert in 1754 and settled as Jerusalem. Funck’s Jerusalem Town
The plan for a village named “Jerusalem,” bounded on three sides by the Antietam Creek, was unveiled by Jacob Funck in 1767. The town boasted 177 lots, each being 82 feet 6 inches wide and 231 feet in length with one exception, lot #43 which by necessity was smaller. Shortly afterwards, lots were for sale and the town soon had fifteen log houses. Early residents referred to it as ‘Funck’s Jerusalem Town’ which became part of Washington County in 1776. Work on a comfortable stone house of the proprietor of Jerusalem Town was completed in 1769. Jacob Funck, his wife Ann, and their family of four girls and two boys moved into their new residence on lot #165, now designated as 35 West Baltimore Street. Since its very beginning, Funkstown was known for its mills. Their first mill was built in 1762. It was flourmill operated by Henry Funck. By 1785 Jerusalem was home for an iron furnace, brickyard, powder factory, grist and woolen mills and a host of inns and shops. The last mill built in 1859 was a flourmill which burned in September 1929. It was run by the Antietam Mill Company. Jacob Funck was a Washington County Representative to the Maryland House of Delegates, 1785-1787. He divested himself of all land holdings in Washington County in 1791. That year, he and his family moved to Jefferson County, Kentucky where they lived until his death at the age of 67 in 1794. Dr. Christian Borestler settled in Jerusalem around 1784. He brought with him 70 German families that settled in the community. Needless to say, German was the predominant language spoken. Catawba, Delaware, Cherokee and Powhatan Indians lived in and traveled through this area hunting, fishing and farming. Antietam Creek is named after these Native Americans. Funck’s Town – Funkstown The first post office was established in Funck’s Town on December 24, 1816. In 1823 the Old National Pike was built through Funck’s Town and the first of two stone arch bridges was constructed over the Antietam Creek. The first was built in 1823 by James Lloyd to allow traffic on the Old National Pike to pass over the creek on its way toward the Allegheny Mountains The Town was incorporated as “Funkstown” in 1840.