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Looking for the perfect outlet to promote your job opening? Turn to the Classified Advertising Section of your local newspaper just as millions of U.S. readers do everyday. For the reader, classified advertising provides an organized means to quickly and easily find available positions, products, and services. For the advertiser, classified advertising offers the ideal way to promptly and economically produce desired results. For over 85 years Standard Advertising Agency has been exclusively in the business of classified advertising, making us the leader in placing classified ads nationwide. You have taken the first step to ensure the success of your ad when you decide to use our services. To produce great results it's necessary to have the best possible advertising copy and to place that copy in the most suitable newspapers. Lowest rates or largest circulation do not always qualify a newspaper as the best choice. It's best to leave the selection of newspapers to an efficient, reliable advertising agency. Standard Advertising's many years of experience have enabled us to compile newspaper and classified ad listings proven to produce results and save you money! With our help you will avoid the mistake of blindly selecting papers which fail to provide optimum results. Whether you're working to sell a business, rent or sell real estate, or fill a job opening for a nurse, teacher, engineer, truck driver, sales manager, or any other position, we commend your choice of classified advertising as your method of promotion.