Argyle, MN


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Argyle is a city in Marshall County, Minnesota, United States, along the Middle River. The population was 639 at the 2010 census. Old Mill State Park is nearby.
Before James J. Hill bought the Great Northern Railway in 1879 and accepted the task of completing the line from Crookston to the Canadian border, a French-Canadian man founded a town named Louisa, after the French king, in the path of the railroad. However, Hill's company located the new railroad town just south of the Louisa property line and named it Argyle. The early settlement included many French-Canadians. Other settlers included immigrants from England, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Scotland, and Germany. The early townspeople and businessmen were always anxious to make Argyle an attractive community to the region. Today the community still boasts of several businesses, which draw customers from the regional area. Because of threats of flooding, a dike was built on the Red River in 1988.
The Argyle school was organized on March 16, 1880. The first school was started in May 1880. The 1st teacher was Miss Mary Dion and there were 18 people in that school. The new brick school was built and opened in 1905. Elementary wing and library was added in 1969. In 1974 a special election was held to get bonds for the construction and equipment for a new physical education facility.