Askov, MN


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Askov is a city in Pine County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 364 at the 2010 census.
Minnesota State Highway 23 serves as a main arterial route in the community, and Interstate 35 is nearby.
Originally the Village of Partridge, it was a Great Northern Railway stop; its post office began as Partridge, 1889–1909, before changing to Askov. Most of the village was destroyed in the 1894 Hinckley fire. In the re-building, the new village was founded by the Danish Peoples Society in 1906. The name "Askov" means "ash forest" and is the name of Denmark's largest folk high school. The new village was incorporated on April 25, 1918, and officially separated from the township as the City of Askov on April 8, 1921. Consequently, nearly all the streets in Askov have Danish names.