Hill City, MN


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Hill City is a city in Aitkin County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 633 at the 2010 census.
U.S. Route 169 and Minnesota State Highway 200 are two of the main arterial routes in the community.
Hill City is situated on the shores of Hill Lake, a glacial formation roughly two miles long and an average of .25 miles wide. At the southern end of the lake there is a large hill, called Quadna Mountain locally, presumably formed at the same time as the lake. This 'mountain' is Hill City's namesake. The town's only two industries are Lemco, which manufactures hydraulic knuckle boom loaders, and Roll-In Docks, which manufactures docks and pontoon boats. The town and surrounding area is also home to an ATV dealership, two restaurants, three bars, two liquor stores, a K-12 school, two gas stations and several parks, one of which offers camping.