Aurora, MO


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Aurora is a city in Lawrence County, Missouri, United States. The population was 7,014 at the 2000 census.
Between 1911 and 1920, the virulently Anti-Catholic newspaper The Menace was published in Aurora by W. F Phelps and Earl McClure. It achieved a national circulation of over one million, according to the March 1932 issue of American Mercury.
In the 1950s, there were two elementary schools in Aurora. Lowell School served the North Side (north of the railroad tracks) and Franklin School served the South Side (south of the railroad tracks). Teachers at Lowell School during that time included Miss Gardner, 1st Grade; Mrs. Lamen and Mrs. Holder, 2nd Grade; Miss Thompson, 3d Grade; Mrs. Eaton, 4th Grade; Mrs. Williams, 5th Grade; and Mr. Ray, 6th Grade. During the school year of 1957-58, a family named Perry, who were missionaries to what was then British Honduras (now Belize), spent their furlough year in Aurora, where Rev. Perry had family. His daughter, Jeannette, attended Lowell. Some other Lowell students that year included Freddie Barnes, Karen Ormsby, Elsie Dowell, Mary Jean Dobbins, Stanley Eden, Charles Bowling, Dennis Baldwin, Terry Walker, Stephen Conn, Danny Metcalf, Dennis Williams, Bobby and Johnny Beatty, Linda Hall, Ronnie Henson, Earl Van Beeck, Linda Dunning, Ronnie Baxter, Roger Kelly, Mildred Cantrell, Ronnie Childress, Eddie Becker, LaNetta Faye Coker and Mike McCullough.