Rock Port, MO


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Rock Port is a city in Clay Township, Atchison County, Missouri, United States and the county seat of Atchison County. The population was 1,318 at the 2010 census. The city, which is 8 miles east of the Missouri River in the Loess Hills bluffs above the river, derives its name from Rock Creek which flows through it.
The city of Rock Port has become completely energy self-sufficient. In April 2008 Rock Port claimed to be the first community in the United States to have its electricity 100 percent generated by wind power. Rock Port, which uses about 13 million kWh a year, has its power generated by the Loess Hills Wind Farm. The farm has four Suzlon 1.25-megawatt wind turbines. Excess power is sold to the Missouri Public Utility Alliance in Columbia, Missouri. The idea for the wind turbines came from the town's former mortuary worker, Eric Chamberlain. The farm was built by Wind Capital Group and is by far the company's smallest wind farm developed through January 2009. Wind Capital in 2008 built the bigger 50.4MW Cow Branch Wind Farm between Rock Port and Tarkio. Jeffrey Seaman is the mayor.
The original city is off of the interstate but an additional area is built that is a travel hub. Truck stops, motels, fast food and firework stands are located along the interstate hosting a large amount of day time visitors, despite the city's small size and otherwise slow population growth.[citation needed]