Roxboro, NC


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Roxboro (/rɒksbʌroʊ/ roks-burr-oh) is a city and the county seat of Person County, North Carolina. As of the 2010 census, the city of Roxboro has a population of 15,284. The city is 30 minutes north of Durham, NC. It is part of the Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area.
Roxboro is named after a town in Scotland; Roxburgh. Although spelled differently they are pronounced the same. Prior to the official adoption of the name Roxboro, the community was known as "Mocassin Gap". The city of Roxboro was incorporated on January 9, 1855 and remains the only municipality in Person County.
Roxboro is located at 36°23′30″N 78°58′55″W / 36.39167°N 78.98194°W / 36.39167; -78.98194 (36.391690, -78.981877).