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Daykin is a village in Jefferson County, Nebraska, United States. The population was 177 at the 2000 census.
Daykin was founded by John Daykin, a train conductor and stonemason from Illinois. In 1869, John Daykin purchased land in Jefferson County, Nebraska that would later become Daykin. Besides for founding the town, he remains most recognized for conducting the train that returned Abraham Lincoln's body to Springfield, Illinois.
Daykin at one point had a population that reached near 300 people. The town held businesses such as a doctor's office, a butcher, laundromat, veterinarian, hotel, blacksmith, furniture store, jewelry store and many more. Currently Daykin has a Farmers CO-OP Branch, Daykin Country Store, Daykin Lumber Yard (Division of Kwint Inc.), Blue Skies Photography, Daykin Hardware, Hair Razors Salon, Craig's Automotive, Kenny's Bar and Grill, a Bed and Breakfast, and the Daykin Post Office. The Jefferson County Bank was built in 1887, and has been in continuous operation sense then, surviving the market crash of the 1930s.