Misfits Theater Group

226 La Costa Ave
Dayton NV 89403

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Misfits Theatre Group The Misfits Theatre Group, organized in 2004, is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting high quality theatre to the Dayton community. Our goal is to promote theatre arts, education, and Nevada history, often presented in a melodramatic and humorous fashion. Our plays present a 'slice of life' with a not too obvious moral. Our director, actors, and valuable crew are all volunteers from the Dayton area. We have provided theatre experience to performers aged from 10 to 65+. We work for the sheer joy of performing, and our audiences' appreciation. We have open casting for each new show and invite any interested individual to participate. Synopsis: Our pure but persecuted heroine, Goodie, falls into the clutches of that heavily-moustached monster, Fleetfeet, and is rescued in the nick of time by manly hero, Adonian. He falls in love with Goodie at sight not knowing that she has trusted Fleetfeet ' that she has married the rogue and that he has left her to perish in the storm as soon as the ceremony was performed. Thus, Goodie is an unbridled bride. She dare not tell the truth about her marriage to the rascal for if she does so, she will lose her maid's position at the Phartmorr mansion. Oh, What to Do! The plot stickens when Fleetfeet not knowing that Goodie has been hired as the maid, sets out to marry the madame of the house. Chaotic, as it is, our hero saves the day with a surprise ending. Once again truth and good triumph over evil. Kate Sawbucks or Klondike Kate, as she is called, is doing a profitable business in the Klondike Trading Post and Saloon. Mrs. Wickersham shows up to look for her lost husband at about the same time that Stalking Horse, Smiling Caribou and White Dove come to the Trading Post to negotiate a deal for the Far Northern Shy End's furs. Sergeant Ransom Doorite and White Dove meet and ultimately fall in love. In the meantime Jock LeRat has discovered a fabulous lode of almost pure gold. Unfortunately it's on Far Northern Shy End land. Kate and Jock plot to kidnap Stalking Horse and force White Dove, as Reagent of the Tribe, to sign over mineral rights to them. Fortunately for all, Sergeant Doorite is on the case. He unravels the kidnapping plot, proves that LeRat murdered his former partner Walter Wickersham and asks Little White Dove to marry him. All is well that ends well. The Misfits are also introducing the Klondike Kids in an olio after intermission: Sheriff, Luke Duke, Dolly and Molly.