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While a pool is a great way to beat the heat in Las Vegas, it also means plenty of maintenance. At Las Vegas Pool Service, we serve the greater Las Vegas Valley area with cost-effective and reliable monthly pool service, repairs, drain and acid wash service, and green pool clean-up. Why spend your summers skimming your pool, adjusting the pH, and tackling maintenance projects like pool heater maintenance, filter cleaning, and brushing? We believe in helping homeowners keep their pools safe, clean, and beautiful by handling all of the maintenance at a price you can afford. Our Monthly Pool Maintenance Services Pool owners often spend hours every week on pool maintenance, including skimming the surface, cleaning filters, brushing the walls, vacuuming, and adjusting the water level and pH. Our monthly and weekly pool maintenance service makes it easy to enjoy your pool whenever you want without the headache and stress of another chore. We offer customizable service plans that include weekly visits to make sure your pool is ready for use. Most homeowners choose a plan that includes: -- Skimming, which removes floating debris like insects and leaves from the surface of the water before they can sink and cause stains or reduce the efficiency of the pool's circulation system. -- Vacuuming, which removes fine debris on the bottom of the pool that can damage your filter or lead to algae and bacteria. -- Brushing the walls of the pool. We use the right tool for the job, including soft-bristled brushes for vinyl, fiberglass, and tile walls and stiff-bristled brushes for plaster-lined concrete. -- Filter service, which includes cleaning the filter and cartridge and replacing as needed -- Pool heater maintenance -- Pool shocking, which involves adding chlorine to the pool to kill organic contaminants that can build up and cause an unpleasant odor -- pH maintenance, which involves adding muriatic acid (an acid) or soda ash (a base) to adjust the pH of your water. Your pool needs a pH as close to 7 as possible to control bacteria, algae, and minerals and avoid hurting your skin, eyes, and nose. Pool Acid Wash Service Also known as a drain and clean, an acid wash may be necessary if your pool has become a frog pond, which means it has become green with algae and stagnant. Acid washing your pool is necessary to remove the unpleasant stains caused by algae buildup and hard water that can result from improper maintenance. Your pool may require a drain and clean if you can't see the bottom through slimy water, or algae grows quickly again after it's scrubbed away, which happens when algae spores burrow into the plaster and keep blooming. As long as your pool is properly treated and maintained, acid washes are usually only necessary every 5-7 years. Because this treatment is very harsh, it removes a very thin layer of the plaster coating inside the pool each time and is not recommended for pools that are merely dirty. We perform an acid wash by draining your pool with a sump pump. The walls are then wet with a hose before muriatic acid is applied to the plaster surface and scrubbed to agitate and kill the algae spores hidden inside. The acid is then washed away to prevent etching of the plaster. Never attempt to acid wash your pool yourself. The chemicals used are very caustic and can burn your skin or even cause respiratory damage. We always perform acid washes with proper protective equipment to avoid injury. Pool Repairs in Las Vegas In addition to monthly maintenance and acid washes, we also offer a host of pool repair services to fix common pool problems in Las Vegas like tile damage, filter issues, leak detection, lining tears, crumbling plaster, and pump motor failure. Our trained and experienced pool technicians have the expertise necessary to diagnose and repair all types of pool issues. If you notice any of the following signs, you may be in need of quality pool repair: -- Loose or broken plaster -- Broken coping pieces -- Separating mastic, which keeps the water from flooding the deck -- Cracked or broken tile, which can be a sign of substructure damage -- Cracks on the steps, which can be caused by age or more serious issues -- Water level that drops too fast to be evaporation -- Poor water circulation or a build-up of algae, which may be caused by a clogged main drain Las Vegas Pool Service is a full-service pool company serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Spring Valley, Paradise, Blue Diamond, and surrounding area with the level of dedication and skill you expect. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our pool cleaning and repair technicians.