Harvest Aviation Services

129 Perimeter Rd
Nashua NH 03063

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Harvest Aviation Services LLC was developed for a couple of reasons. At first, we started out with a philosophy that we would have a ' meet or beat' price guarantee. When we first started we felt that it was important to establish a presence and build relationships on the field. Our desire was to build as much a ' family' and mentoring environment as well as teach how to fly. We developed our training system by taking the best of what we have learned in over 25 years of professional aviation experience and brought it together in one system. Both Scott and Joe currently fly a Lear35A business jet based in Nashua. Scott was a Designated Examiner for the FAA. He has been check airmen, chief pilot, and director of training for Cape Air Nantucket Airlines, Beech Aircraft, and various Part 135 charter operations. Our system has been put to the test and we can proudly report that since opening our doors in 2002,, we have never had a check ride fail'not one! We have trained and are training teenagers to engineers. Grandmothers to young parents. The Harvest Aviation system works. And most of our students continue on with advanced training i.e., instrument, commercial, and even CFI. With us of course. Joe is an Airline Transport Pilot with over 3000 hours of flight time. ( Scott has over 19, 000 hours ). He started flying the Lear with only 1200 hours. What makes this significant is that Joe is also a full time Pastor of a successful church in the Goffstown, New Hampshire area. He didn't go to aviation college or flight academy. Even though he is a professional in another career field, the system that he learned with Scott caused him to be so founded in aircraft flight principles and procedures that he was certified and ( typed ) by the FAA to act as a captian on the jet. The very same philosophy and procedural training that got Joe into that jet, we now teach to every student. All of our instructors are standardized in the procedures. That means they all teach the same methods. And you will have stage checks performed by Joe or Scott to make sure your training and our instructors stay top notch. A gentleman asked us a few months back, What was the difference between Harvest Aviation and the other schools. You are all just flight instructors'right? It was easy to answer him. We asked him if he was put on trial and his life depended on the outcome, would he use a lawyer that just graduated and passed the bar exam, or would he use a Justice of the Supreme Court if able. I mean they are both lawyers, right? Come on in and sit with us and see how we can help you fulfill your flying dreams and goals. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that saving a buck or two on something as critical as flight training is worth it. You do get what you pay for'and we have the track record to prove it.