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The Uncommon Thread was born from the idea that everyone can learn. Kids discover their world through common threads of learning. When the basic elements of learning fail children on the spectrum, we must strive to remember that it is not about "Can they learn?" - but rather the discovery of the uncommon thread that will connect concepts to words and make learning possible. VISION & PHILOSOPHY Families face an ever present disconnect in the fight to save their child from communication and Behavior disorders which impede the learning process. Often frustrated and feeling helpless, parents can become immobilized in their effort to navigate the waters of early intervention. The Uncommon Thread has created an environment where early intervention becomes a comprehensive, cohesive strategy between parents, specialists, therapists, and educators in order to team up and fight the debilitating affects that occur with children who have learning differences. At The Uncommon Thread, we believe in early intervention, thoughtfully constructed programs, and a collaborative team approach implemented in a holistic environment. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have witnessed and believe in the positive outcomes of early intervention programs. An appropriate early intervention program can significantly improve the quality of life for a child with developmental and Behavior disorders. However, there is a narrow window of opportunity in which implementing a program can create the highest impact. These children don’t learn in the same way that typical developing children learn. For this reason it is imperative to devise methods of teaching that develop and strengthen the skills necessary for natural learning to take place.