Steel Treaters Inc

100 Furnace St
Oriskany NY 13424

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Steel Treaters, located in Oriskany, N.Y., is a subsidiary of the ESCO Corporation. It offers advanced heating processes for specific applications used in various industries, including the aerospace industry. The company specializes in steel and vacuum heating processes. Steel Treaters has vacuum induction furnaces for melting and remelting processes. It also utilizes induction machines and activated carbon for metal enrichment processes. The company specializes in treatment and processing of various types of metals and alloys, such as carbon and stainless steel and aluminum, titanium and copper alloys. Steel Treaters utilizes a wide variety of heating processes, such as austinitizing, homogenizing and carbonitriding for metal surface hardening. Additionally, the company provides cryogenic treatment to improve various physical and chemical properties of engine tools, components and parts.