Secaucus, NJ


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Secaucus is a town in Hudson County, New Jersey. As of the 2010 United States Census, the town population was 16,264. Located within the New Jersey Meadowlands, it is the most suburban of the county's municipalities, though large parts of the town are dedicated to light manufacturing, retail, and transportation uses, as well as protected areas.
Secaucus is a derivation of the Algonquian words for "black" (seke or sukit) and "snake" (achgook), or "place of snakes. The town's name is pronounced "SEE-kaw-kus" (/siːkɔːkəs/), with the accent on the first syllable, not the second as often used by non-natives.
Secaucus is located at 40°47′15″N 74°03′42″W / 40.787600°N 74.061784°W / 40.787600; -74.061784 (40.787600, -74.061784).