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I called Jimmy at Engine Experts after being told my 2009 Murano needed a new engine, of course in a panic. His first comment was "tell me what is going on" I explained that Pepboys completely botched a tune up. They reported no compression and I really need engine, 128K miles on this car. Jimmy said "Let me be your hero" and he was. Engine Experts diagnosed the issue properly and tuned my car properly, saving me thousands. They could have taken advantage of the situation and did not. It was a breath of fresh air to meet his team, in a clean garage environment with a true level professionalism. Thank you.
This is the only place I will take my car for anything, minor or major. Jimmy and his crew are professional and have always treated me with respect. Jimmy is an expert and he will always tell you the unvarnished truth, good or bad. He will tell what is wrong, why its wrong, what and how it needs to be fixed, the cost of the part, labor, etc. Jimmy and his shop are the best around. If you need anything done mechanically, this is the man to go to. I will never take my vehicle anywhere else.
I needed to do some major 100,000 mile maintenance on my vehicle- went to several places for estimate and was shocked on the range of prices for the same work- the worst thing was I felt that I was spoken to as if I didn't know what I wastalking about- my boss is a real car buff and I asked him if he could recommend someone who I can trust and didn't treat me like an idiot. His words," Jimmy is is an acquired taste and if you can handle his directness then he is the one to go to. I did and yes- he is very direct! He did only the that needed to be done and explained everything to me- his shop is clean and he shows you the parts he removed from your vehicle {you have your own cart}. He did mention that the tech, Eddie, heard that my bearings were making noise{ it had been making the noise for months and the place I was bringing it to for oil changes AND tire rotation never told me} he also mentio d that I should my tires- {they looked o.k. to me} He showed me my wear bars and what was good tread. He said I should strongly consider it because I could experience a "controlled hydro plane" He EXPLAINED what that was and I said I would wait. If you remember the rain and the flooding we got a few weeks ago- I experience the "controlled hydro plane". If Jimmy did not explain to me what that was the outcome could have been different- I didn't panic.Sxt day I called him and made an appointment for the bearings AND the tires.Its simple- if you want to have someone who tells you like it is and does great work then call Jimmy, if your concerned he is an acquired taste- then continue to go where you are going and you can constantly wonder if you are being taken advantage of.By the way- I travel 50 minutes to utilize his service- its worth it to me
I owned 7 cars and have purchased two engines for one of our vehicles. We repaced thr orginal engine which was over $6k. 7 yrs later the repac't engine also died. The Engine was under warranty so was replaced for free. Year the labor and odds and end were still over $6k and te vehicles still does not run.
My daughter lives in Raleigh and had used Engine Experts many times in the past. She had always commented on their professionalism and helpfulness. My car recently broke down while in Durham North Carolina and was undrivable. We had it towed to Engine Experts. They found a hole in the oil filter which had drained almost all of the engine oil, and what they thought was a bad alternator. Their first estimate was almost $800 and I agreed to go ahead. Later that day Matt called me and said that they had actually found the alternator to be functioning and the problem was a broken serpentine belt along with the PVC system problem, and broken oil filter causing the loss of oil. I really appreciated them fixing the car in such timely fashion and especially their honesty in diagnosing the problem. I was perfectly agreeable to going ahead with the new alternator but to their credit they did not do that. Such honesty and professionalism is greatly appreciated and I recommend them highly!
I have been a customer of Jimmy Boyd and Engine Experts for more than ten years and could not be more pleased with my experiences with this company. They have maintained and repaired four different vehicles for me with outstanding results. The mechanics are excellent technicians who have been able to diagnose problems both accurately and quickly then make necessary adjustments or repairs. They always make available the parts that are replaced so I never have any question about whether or not something was actually done. Jimmy is very accommodating and works my car into their busy schedule as soon as possible when I have an issue that needs immediate attention.The charges for work done are very fair and quite reasonable and they stand behind their work.The shop area is like no other shop I’ve previously visited. Everything is well organized and sparkling clean. I would feel comfortable sitting down on the floor and eating off it. I have worked in facilities management for many years and never seen a work area as clean, spotless and organized as the Engine Experts shop.I have great difficulty believing negative reviews about Engine Experts since Jimmy will do everything possible to correct any problem with their work. It is a reality that some issues cannot physically be fixed to an owner’s satisfaction if that person has unreasonable expectations. But my experience has been they will do everything possible to make every situation right. Jimmy is a straightforward person who tells it like it is. He can be abrupt but is always respectful and truthful. He delivers good service for a fair price.I only wish I could find service providers in other types of businesses who deliver the results that I’ve received when using Engine Experts!
This is Jimmy writing in reference to the below review.... I am 100% sure this was not written by one of my customers ...charging for work that hasn't been done won't happen because I show people what they need to do and then save the old parts to show them when they pick up their vehicle!!!....I feared something like this would happen by one of the pushy sales people that get arrogant when they waste my time trying to sell me something after I tell them I'm not interested..I have gotten a bit ugly with them when they won't take me off of their "call list' !!....If this were truely a customer I would go out of my way to make the situation right...That's the way I"ve done things for 20+ years...Who ever you are call me if this is a real situation I'll always do the right thing by my customers...if not ...Take me off your call list !!!
Jimmy and the professionals at Engine Experts helped me out of a jam and saved me money. I got into a fender bender and incurred some damage that required body work. The body work was done by a local shop. Initially, everything seemed to be working fine until one morning my engine overheated and stopped completely while I was on I-40. I found Engine Experts and they confirmed that my engine was ruined. Jimmy and the guys at Engine Experts found that the engine issues, a coolant leak which lead to the engine overheating, were actually caused by the incomplete fix from the body shop. After the initial accident, an internal portion of the car was pushing and rubbing against the radiator which caused a hole and led to a leak of the coolant. The body shop missed this issue prior to completing the body work.Engine Experts diagnosed the issue and also worked with the body shop to resolve it. I didn’t have to get involved in the particulars or pay anything out of pocket. Engine Experts arranged to have another engine installed in my car and arranged the payment plan with the body shop. I’m very satisfied with Jimmy’s work, but also his sincerity when he said that he would help resolve my issues. I highly recommend this shop.
Jimmy and his crew are true experts who treat people fairly. They replaced the engine in my 2007 GMC Yukon and it runs just like new. Jimmy explained the entire process and updated me while the vehicle was being repaired. I would recommend Engine Experts to anyone and continue to visit them for regular repairs and maintenance on my vehicles.
I had a motor blow on my Subaru and Engine Experts was highly recommended as the go-to shop for engine replacements. I called up on a Monday morning and was told to come take a look at the shop while they arrange for a tow of my car. I entertained the idea and took a trip to see the shop. Jimmy, the owner, met me at the office and then gave me tour of his facility. The facility was the cleanest I have ever seen. All the tools and parts were well organized, and the floor was relatively spotless. Jimmy introduced me to his team, and although they were busy, each spoke to me. This whole time Jimmy is asking questions and feeling me out to how I treat my vehicles, and providing recommendations on proper car care. The shop really wants you to be a part of their team keeping your car running optimally. Jimmy was able to find an engine for my car with less than 12k miles and had it installed in less than two weeks! He has converted me to become a regular customer of his for all of my cars.
When my faithful 99 Chevy Tahoe crossed 280,000 miles, the oil pressure began to drop. I pondered replacing it with a newer one but I knew this truck and it had no other major mechanical issues. I researched engine replacement which led me to Engine Experts. I made contact and arranged to bring the truck in. What transpired next was unlike any auto repair experience I have ever encountered. When you arrive at Engine Experts you aren't greeted by a Service Writer, you are greeted by Jimmy Boyd, the owner. Jimmy takes you back through the shop introducing the crew, most of whom have been with Jimmy many years. You will notice the organization, cleanliness and logical flow of each station. You will sense the pride Jimmy has in the place and further into the tour you will begin to realize that Jimmy isn't just trying to impress you, he is evaluating you, to see if you are a good fit as a customer. I guess I turned out to be a good fir and in a week or so I had my Tahoe back with a new engine. During the replacement process Jimmy called and brought me in to see the progress and explain why certain parts needed to be replaced and others not. Make no mistake, these are car guys, through and through. The knowledge, attention to detail and just plain honesty of Engine Experts are a refreshing departure from the ordinary auto repair experience. If you are considering an engine replacement you'll find no better place to do business than Engine Experts. Vass J.
I first heard about Engine Experts listening to Jimmy Boyd on a mechanic’s program on WPTF Radio. He sounded like a strait shooter that knew his stuff and was proud of the work his shop does. My older sister and her husband had a Chrysler with serious engine problems such that the engine needed replacing. I recommended they check out Engine Experts. They had Engine Experts replace their engine and I have never heard such complements about a mechanic shop and Jimmy Boyd.I had a 1995 Bronco which I ordered and bought new and really loved. At approximately 203,000 miles the check engine light began coming on. I made a number of trips to the dealer at a cost of $500 - $1000 each and finally got fed up and decided to replace the engine. I went to Engine Experts and talked to Jimmy. His team replaced my engine and have been taking care of my Bronco ever since. Each time I take my Bronco to Jimmy I get great service and a fair price. I enjoy my relationship with Jimmy and Engine Experts.
maybe my experience was a one off... but I am extremely unhappy with jimmy and engine experts. I had brought my truck in, had thousands of dollars of work done to include the installation of a remanufactured engine. Not only have I had nothing but problems with the truck I have since found out that I was charged and paid for work that was never done!! My efforts in trying to get this resolved have been futile. Do your homework, have an independent shop check the work.. I feel they cannot be trusted
I have been a loyal customer of Engine Experts for many years. Jimmy and staff truly care about the service they provide to their customers. Jimmy is as honest and fair as they come. If you are looking for a cushy waiting room and want to pay $120/hr for labor: go to the dealer. Jimmy's rates aren't the cheapest, but is that what you really want for your vehicle? Once you go to EE, you become part of the family. Jimmy tells it EXACTLY like it is and will always advise what he and his staff think is the best for your vehicle and situation. I've had my engine replaced in my 2000 Tahoe, brakes serviced in my Acura TSX, oil changes, tire replacements, and many other routine and non-routine maintenance items performed. EE treats every service event as they would with their own vehicle. I wouldn't consider taking my vehicles anywhere else. As Jimmy frequently tells me "you know I got your back buddy!"
I bought my vehicle with 140K earlier in the year with a "minor issue" of it consuming to much oil with the understanding that the dealer would fix it. I had to drive it around for a few weeks and take note of how much oil I added to see the level of consumption. During this process, the dealer literally went out of business (they'd been around for decades) leaving me with this issue. I ended up taking it for an unrelated service to Chevy and they spent a grand of my money fixing something else with me continuing with to add oil on a weekly basis. After a month or so, the oil situation got noticeably worse. I was having to add a quart every 100 miles and then with little notice the engine started shaking. Not wishing to risk life or limb I drove it to a car rental place and left it there. The following day I shopped around for a new engine and first went back to Chevy where I was quoted at 7-8K. I looked around the web and the best I could find was 6K but that did not include the labor. My father in law found Engine Experts and so we decided to look there as a last ditch effort. Jimmy, the owner, may not be for everyone at first glance because he is very direct and to the point, however, that becomes very helpful when discussing in-depth jobs and actually comes across as refreshingly honest. I was introduced to the whole team and I could tell right away I was in the right place. I was taken aback by the cleanliness and the level of organization that they had. It was very clear that they were proud of what they do and wanted to show themselves off a little. I was told that not only would they beat my best offer by a grand, but that it also included all the labor and I would have it back in a week! After a couple months now, everything runs perfect and I could not be happier. I now take my wife's car there and we get our oil changes there as well (for which they are also well priced). I could not recommend this outfit enough.
This is the second engine Jimmy Boyd has installed for me. The first was a V8 in a Chevrolet van in 2002. After it was installed we drove it to Florida and many more miles after that. I have done much of my mechanical work in the past, but didn’t want to install an engine. Jimmy’s installation looked very good on the chevy van and ran great. I was very pleased with the service. I just had an engine put in a 2004 Toyota 4Runner. I took the 4Runner into Jimmy and in 4 days it was ready to pick up with the new engine. We have driven 5000 miles now with no problems. I have been very pleased with this engine installation also. Jimmy does not want you to have future problems so he recommends what he see might be potential future problems also. I recommend Engine Experts.
Best experience ever, I will never go elsewhere, I am a customer for life! My whole experience was 100% positive, they gave me a tour, introduced me to the mechanics, and made the whole process painless and personable, I left there with a solid feeling of trust.
It's been about a month and 3k miles since I had my Town and Countrys engine replaced by Engine Experts and I couldn't be more pleased with the results, again. This is the second vehicle in which Engine Experts have replaced a motor for me. The first was my Toyota pick up which I drove problem free for seven years and then sold only because I needed something bigger for the family. I'm a shade tree mechanic and usually a little skeptical of most shops, but I completely trust these guys and highly recommend them.
Excellent Customer Service and work quality. Helped us out quickly when one of our work vans went down. They were very upfront about the cost of repairs and communicated with us throughout the entire process. They were there when everyone else simply said " we can't fix that." I highly recommend them!
I'm 40 years old. In my lifetime, there have been few folks (or categories of folks) that I have come across that I couldn't get along with and form a trusting relationship with. One of those few has been car mechanics. I think most are probably trustworthy, but they lack that personal relationship. For instance, at most dealerships, you never speak to the guy that works on your car. You only get the service specialist, writer, desk clerk - whatever you want to call them. But you ask them a question, and they have no answer for you. Their job is purely customer service (in most cases). You never get to see the problem or solution. That's not how Jimmy Boyd operates.I was in the process of selling a house and moving my family of 9 (the moving literally taking place within a week) when the engine on my suburban suffered catastrophic failure. After receiving an initial diagnosis that I needed a new engine, I was directed to The Engine Experts, where Ed gave me a quote to replace the engine - that was Wednesday. Fast forward to Tuesday of the following week - I get a call from Jimmy Boyd. He asks me to come in and talk to him so he can see that I understand what he is saying. I get there and get a full tour of the shop (probably the cleanest, most orderly shop I've ever set foot in), and he also talks me through the items that I should consider replacing (since they had to come off anyway). Most shops / mechanics would just tell you what you should do with no explanation of why, other than because that's the recommendation.Jimmy is an honest guy, running a world class business. After stumbling across him, I've found my car guy. I'll be taking my cars to him going forward.One last note - at the time this went down, we were moving - selling a house etc. My bill was large, but he worked with me on the payment. I paid the bulk when I picked up the car, but he was reasonable and thoughtful in how he allowed me to handle the balance. World class guy and business.
Jimmy saved me time and money, while getting straight to the point, now I’m 100% a customer for life. After my car unexpectedly broke down on the side of I-40, I had no idea where to turn. After taking to several shops, I was told that the engine would have to be completely replaced or I would have to trash the car, a 2010 Jeep Liberty with just over 65,000 miles on it. There had to be another option. After doing some research online, I discovered that the engine could be rebuilt for less than the cost of a brand new one. I came across Engine Experts on google and decided to give Jimmy a call. He agreed to take in my car and after just a day in the shop, I got an unexpected call. A previous repair shop in my hometown had left a rag in the oil pan, which consequently blocked oil from reaching the engine, locking it up completely. Jimmy and his teams’ years of experience shone through when he suggested that I contact my insurance company, telling me that I shouldn’t be responsible for someone else mistake. After a couple of weeks of telephone tag, the insurance company agreed to cover the cost of a new engine, which Jimmy installed in a matter of days. I just went back yesterday for my 500 mile oil change and I can honestly say I will never take my car anywhere else for anything. Jimmy and the boys aren’t your typical car guys, they care about your time and money. I feel respected and honored as a customer through their pricing, service and attitudes. I always look forward to seeing the spick and span floor of the shop and Jimmy’s smiling face and I’m excited to bring my current and future cars here. I recommend them highly for any type of car trouble. Thanks so much Jimmy!! -Isabel D.
I highly recommend Jimmy and his mechanics at Engine Experts. They are very knowledgeable about repairs and more importantly they got our truck back on the road in a timely manner. Engine Experts provided us with excellent service and fair pricing! Jimmy runs a professional operation!
At Engine Experts, quality is everything! We install re manufactured and low mileage engines and engine assembly service.