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Brock, Payne & Meece P.A, is a full service law firm that works to provide competent and cost-effective representation. Our attorneys specialize in the practice areas of Family Law & Divorce, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Criminal Defense & Traffic Tickets, Civil Litigation, and Personal Injury. Our firm will help you understand how the law impacts your situation, establish realistic goals, and achieve a fair outcome at a reasonable cost. No one ever wants to be involved in a legal action, but we are here to help at those times when experienced and informed legal representation is necessary. We also utilize alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible and have developed a network of professionals such as financial planners, accountants, counselors and mediators to assist you in matters beyond the scope of your legal situation.There are a number of reasons why people put off involving an attorney in their legal matter such as concerns over cost, feeling intimidated or being unsure where to begin. There are many more reasons why having legal counsel may actually simplify your case and save you time, money, and effort.In difficult times, we tend to consult a friend, a spouse, or family member for advice because they are familiar with our situation. An attorney can provide additional valuable advice because their training makes them more familiar with legal situations, which gives them the experience to avoid legal traps and loopholes so that the situation will not become more complicated and costly down the road.An attorney is someone hired to zealously represent your interests. Divorces, estates, and other legal issues often have a significant emotional impact on you and those closest to you. Having an informed third party can help you stay focused on your priorities rather than being overwhelmed by your own feelings or from pressure from a spouse or family member.While in many cases an attorney is not required, the legal system can be very complicated. Even if you represent yourself, pleadings and documents may need to be filed, hearings requested, motions and orders prepared, and no clerk or judge at the courthouse will be able to walk you through the process. While there are websites that offer advice or do-it-yourself kits, the advice may be outdated, not relevant to your case's jurisdiction, or not appropriately fit to your particular situation. Even in simple cases, having a lawyer to guide you and protect your rights and interests may save you money and ensure that your interests are adequately protected or asserted.Ultimately, the simplest way to find out if you need an attorney is to ask. Contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your concerns and help you determine if you would benefit from legal representation. In most cases, there is no charge for the first thirty minutes of your initial consultation. Many people are afraid to ask for help because they are afraid that a lawyer may be too expensive, but timely legal advice may actually prevent some costly situations from arising or escalating.Just flipping through the phone book, it's clear that there are plenty of attorneys out there, but since all law firms are not created equally, choosing a lawyer can seem like a daunting task. Doing a little research is a great way to find one that best suits your needs. When finding any professional, like a new doctor or a dentist, one place to start is with a personal referral, maybe from a friend, colleague, or clergy. The North Carolina Bar Association also provides a listing of member attorneys and their specialties. Having an initial consultation is an excellent way to make sure that you've chosen someone with whom you can work closely. Many legal matters deal with very personal issues so it is important to work with someone with whom you have a good rapport, someone you feel you can trust and someone who is attentive to your concerns.Check out our Practice Areas to see if any of the descriptions sound lik