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I dropped computer off a little while back for some work... AFTER 30 DAYS I was notified I was being deployed (reservist). I called the man who runs the place to ask him if it was done yet (mind u we are already last 30 days at THIS point), he tells me no that he has been wanting to get up with me to get my password for the computer, that he couldn't do anything without it. So I give it to him as well as my wife's contact info and let him know I was deploying. Well I get back home to find out that he never contacted my phone or my wife's (we already pulled our records to be sure of this). When I call to ask about his wife (who also runs the store) answers and basically tells me it was there past 30 days and now is gone. When asked why (admittedly frustrated)i was never told of this 30 day policy and why never signed anything stating my being aware, she says it basically my fault and my lost and hangs up on me. Now I'm ticked... I go to the store to talk to her and her husband in person about this and he wasn't there. So when I tell her that i was deployed, she proceeds to roll her eyes and shake her head and tried to tell me her husband also was in the service and that it's not an excuse smh... it was at this point I see the sign in their office which says property left over 60 days AFTER NOTIFICATION OF COMPLTEDED SERVICES can be forfeited, so i correct her and tell her that I nor my wife was never notified of anything about my computer after the last time I talked to him prior to deploying and giving him my password. She then tells me that she is done taking with me and if I felt the need to to do anything about it (legaly) then to do it... right before leaving i decide I should take a pic of the sign stating property left past 60 days of completion notification can be forfeited for my own record. I was then yelled at to leave the store and not take pics... I would highly not recommended anyone. Using their services...