Cassadaga, NY


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Cassadaga is an incorporated village located in Chautauqua County, New York, in the United States. The village is located within the northeast corner of the Town of Stockton, east of the village of Stockton, south of and immediately adjacent to Lily Dale in the Town of Pomfret, and north of the village of Sinclairville.
"Cassadaga" is a Seneca Indian name meaning "water under the rocks", descriptive not only of the natural springs of the area flowing from glacial moraines, but that in dry weather, many of the local streams would 'disappear': the spring fed water running wholly within the gravelly bottom of the stream beds draining from the surrounding hills.
The Village of Cassadaga was settled in 1848 at the headwaters of the technically navigable Cassadaga Creek, though the upper few miles of it are not practically so today due to numerous shallows and beaver activity along its course.