East Randolph, NY


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East Randolph is currently a village in Cattaraugus County, New York, United States. The population was 630 at the 2000 census.
The Village of East Randolph is adjacent to the northeast part of the Village of Randolph and is mostly within the Town of Randolph, with a small part inside the Town of Conewango.
The first business opened in 1826, and a post office was opened in 1850. The Village of East Randolph was incorporated in 1881 and will be dissolved at the end of 2011. The mayor of East Randolph is Howard van Rensselaer. On March 16, 2010, referenda were held in both the village of Randolph and East Randolph to dissolve each entity into a hamlet within the town of Randolph (with the northernmost portion of East Randolph being absorbed by the town of Conewango. Both referenda passed; as such, the village of East Randolph will cease to exist after December 31, 2011.