Falconer, NY


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Falconer is a village in Chautauqua County, New York, United States. The population was 2,540 at the 2000 census.
The Village of Falconer is within the Town of Ellicott. Falconer is on the eastern edge of the City of Jamestown, New York.
The town was originally called Worksburg, after Edward Work, who purchased the land from the Holland Land Company in August, 1807. The first Falconer to own the land was Robert Falconer, who bought it from Edward Work in 1836. His son, Patrick, later consolidated his land holdings in the future Falconer, New York. The village was later named after William T. Falconer (1850–1915), or his father, Patrick. The town's name was changed to Falconer in 1874. Patrick Falconer, who was on the Board of Directors of the Allegheny & Pittsburg Railroad, donated a large tract of the land through town to the railroad concern. This resulted in the railroad line being routed through the middle of town..