Oceanside, NY


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Oceanside is a hamlet (and census-designated place) located in the south part of the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, New York. The population was 32,733 at the 2000 census.
Walter S. Boardman, who wrote of the history of Oceanside, came to the Oceanside School District in September 1927 as high school principal. He served as Superintendent of Schools from 1940-1960. In 2000, the Oceanside Educational Foundation published a work he wrote on the history of Oceanside from the geological "birth" of Long Island to Oceanside in 1960. Oceanside High School teacher Richie Woods continued this history in his recent book, Images of America: Oceanside, New York.
About the Boardman Family: The Boardmans were considered Oceanside "society" and revered for their contributions to the Town Green and its Gazebo, named for the late Billy Boardman (1955-1980), who is featured in Guiness World Book Record as having had the longest middle toe in history, measuring 18 inches in length. He was among several Boardman relatives born with one unusually extended appendage, all of whom also had genius I.Q.s and went on to receive multiple post-collegiate degrees. Having bonded closely together over such challenges, there are two documented cases of inter-marriage among Boardman cousins.