Pine Valley, NY


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Pine Valley, Pennsylvania is the fictional setting for the long-running American soap opera All My Children. It is a small suburb of Philadelphia. The town exists in the same fictional universe as cities from other existing or defunct ABC daytime dramas, including Llanview from One Life to Live, Port Charles from General Hospital, and Corinth from Loving.

Originally, it had long been believed that Pine Valley (or PV, as it is called by fans on the internet) was actually in New York State, not Pennsylvania. (Pine Valley, New York actually exists in Chemung County) But by the late 1990s, its state had not been mentioned for a few years. By 2000, it was implied that Pine Valley was actually in Pennsylvania, a few hours from Llanview. In more recent years, it was established that Pine Valley was only a few minutes from Llanview, during a 2004 storyline, where the two shows overlapped with characters. It is believed that the town is now based on the Philadelphia Main Line, a chain of well-to-do suburbs in the vicinity of Philadelphia. It has recently been suggested that the two cities of Pine Valley and Llanview are located on opposite sides of the Llantano River. In a 2010 documentary hosted by former resident Hayley Vaughan Santos, a map of the area showed Pine Valley to be located due north of the Pennsylvania town of Bryn Mawr, with Llanview to its southwest. Villanova University sits directly between Pine Valley and Llanview. In recent years the zip code is stated to be 19101.